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Elections 2008 Voting Pictures

Ghana Elections 2008 Video

Ghana votes in Elections 2008

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Making Fufu

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Want A Taste of Ghana Chocolate?

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Now You Can Visit Africa Without Spending a Dime

Well many visitors to this blog, have always asked " How Do I visit Ghana(Africa) without spending a Dime"?

I have been trying hard to answer this question, but I guess the video does it best.

You can now visit Ghana for free via the video. After the video visit , I guess it would not be so difficult to buy a ticket because, just like watching that favorite movie a hundred times..... the story line/excitement/ending/joy is guaranteed.

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Sounds From Africa - Ghana Ewe Music - 1

Recorded Live From The Wonderful Ewe Village of Agokpo, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa.

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Here's a Quick Tour of Ghana

Why You Should Visit Africa

I was having a chat with a friend from China.Just like many he had doubts about coming to Africa( most people assume Africa is a country ).Tried as I could I was able to talk him out of coming to Africa...opps Ghana.Okay enough talking.... watch this to find out why you should visit Ghana.

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