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Christ Church Tours Ghana

A Video Tour Of Ghana

Discover Ghana

This true story will inspire and cause one to act unlike any other... a must see for not only every family, but every person who wishes to better themselves and pay respect to someone who changed the world...and become inspired to do anything they set their mind to. Rent, buy, and share this story today!

EMMANUEL'S GIFT A feature documentary by Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern. The true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, a disabled athlete from Ghana Africa who rode a bicycle across his entire country with one leg. He became a national hero and has become a champion of the disabled for his country Ghana.

The World's Most Beautiful Waterfalls Is In Ghana.

Don't believe me ? Well see for your self.

Beenie Man In Ghana

Beenie Man In Ghana

Google Comes To Ghana

Finallying Google has made up it's mind to visit Ghana.
Yearh Google has made it's maiden tour to Ghana. Doubting ? Play this Video

Ever had the chance to play or watch someone play an organ/piano? Well , truth is before the organ was there was the xylophone.
Although the xylophone has now evoled to the organ/piano, there's nothing compared to the sounds from the xylophone. To be the worlds greatest organist/pianist you've got to learn to play the xylophone.That way the keys would be breeze and you would be on your way to compose great compositions. (this is a secret, you should not tell anyone).

Below is a video of one of Ghana's best xylophonist Bernard Woma .You can only learn to play the xylophone when you visit Ghana.

How to become a Mayor in Ghana

In Ghana, being a chief can be liked to being a permanent mayor of a city.Well unless you behaviour is socially unacceptable you have the life time opportunity to shape the destiny of the ones you govern.
Just got this video of a colourful installation of a chief and I hope you'd like it. This is another good reason to take a vacatioin to Ghana.

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