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After The Elections in Ghana

Elections in Africa is mostly scarry. Because its mostly followed by war/fighting. But by God's Grace it never happened in Ghana. I must say, things are even moving on soo well,it's as though there were no elections.--- One good reason, why am Happy to be Ghanaian. God never makes mistakes. were ever you reading this note from ,know one thing for sure that you are in the best place you've got to be at the right time for a reason.

Ghana Travel -Why Should Anyone Think of A Vacation To Africa[Ghana]

Why I made this blog
I guess there's not been any blog that gives a good judgement of what it's like to holiday in Ghana West Africa[ comment if am wrong].It's best to tell your own I decided why not start one, right now, and whip I've done it. I hope you'd enjoy reading and comment any time you find me straying.I would be giving best bargains on hotel's /apartments and other tourist attractions.I'd be sharing with you tips on living in Ghana(being here for in Ghana for strictly 23+ years ).Hope you'd have a good reading in my coming blogs. Bert

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